CliniCan Health Research provides regulatory and clinical study/trial management services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. We also extend our services to scientific/medical writing, designing effective research and development plans, SOPs and protocol development, licensing, marketing, and post-market support as a CRO. We take pride in performing these core services with authority. Our very experienced team of scientific and medical experts is committed to bringing the entire clinical research services to the next level; we believe in making it easy and making it right for our clients. We are committed to providing the best service our customers need. Please contact us to discuss the opportunity to work together, we welcome your suggestions and feedback.

Our Services

Regulatory support
Drug & Device Establishment Licence
Drug & Device Identification Number Licence
​IND/CTA maintenance
Clinical study/trial management
Electronic Real-time Data capturing
Secure data management: validation, storage and archiving
Scientific and Medical writing
R&D plans development
SOPs and protocols development
Licensing for drugs and therapeutics
​Controlled Drug Substances
​Marketing: Market ResearchPost-market support

Business Model

Our primary business model is based on the bridging the partnerships between pharmaceutical/biotech sponsors and health care practitioners in academics and teaching hospitals for their R&D and Clinical Studies in developing effective therapeutics: Drugs, Devices and Vaccines. Using best available technologies, this method provides a unique platform to fasten the innovation to a defined pharma market that is effective, unbiased, accurate, and time- and cost-effective.