Dr. Rashmi Tiwari-Pandey


Dr. Rashmi Tiwari-Pandey is CliniCan Health Research’s Founder & President. She is PhD in Endocrinology, with expertise in clinical and regulatory affairs (CCRP). She has extensive R&D and Pharma experience and a leader in Clinical and Regulatory affairs. Her therapeutic area of expertise includes, Cancer Research, Menopause-related disorders, Hormone Replacement Therapy, Reproductive Sciences, Osteoporotic Bone Loss, Cardiac regeneration and Biomaterials & Drug delivery. She is responsible for promoting our business concept as a CRO for cutting edge R&D services, including collaborative and interdisciplinary research between our clients. This role works to develop networks between CliniCan and industry researchers in the public and private sectors locally, nationally, and internationally. She will act as a nexus between CliniCan and the physician community with respect to research and clinical initiatives of mutual benefit.